Unprocessed: I’m a bad blogger.

Alright, so we’re now in day 8 of the October Unprocessed challenge. Typing that it just registered that we’ve been going for more than a week now, so let’s start out with some of the challenges thus far.

  • Easily the biggest one is that I’ve found I can’t really eat out anywhere. I’ve found a few salads at some places, and I was a dirty cheater and ate a sandwich with my mom when she was in town, but other than that eating out any of the popular places is pretty solidly out of the question.
  • It’s hard to eat with other people. I’ve learned how vegetarians and vegans feel all the time and it goes something like this:

Everyone else: “Hey, guys let’s go eat _________ “

Me: “Um . . . I can’t really eat there/that . . . . . sorry. You can go without me”

Everyone else: “Well we don’t want to leave you out . What can you eat?”

Me: “Aww. That’s nice guys . . .Um . .well . .”


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