Unprocessed: Day 5 and tomato soup

Yes, I took this photo standing on my front porch. My house is heavily shaded, so there’s not much window light.

I think this challenge would be easier for me in the summer.

I’m a big fan of salads, raw veggies, fruits and the like, but fall is the time for warm, cooked food. Alas, unless you’re willing to open a can or a box and nuke your lunch with a side of sodium laryltrypoison, it means you’re going to have to plan ahead. (Obviously, with October Unprocessed we can’t do that, and really, why would we want to?)

Planning ahead = soup. It’s easy to make, even with limited cooking skills. It stores well and most soups taste better with time.

Today’s lunch is my new favorite tomato soup.

In addition to being tasty, this recipe is based more on a balance of ingredients and less on actual measurements, so you can make it in as large or small a portion as you want.

What you’ll need:

  • Tomatoes – about three per serving depending on size. I like romas for this, but whatever they have at the FM will do.
  • Basil – Use to taste, sweeter varieties work best. Chopped or chiffonade. DO NOT use the dry kind. It just doesn’t work.
  • Cream – one splash per three tomatoes
  • Garlic – small clove per three tomatoes, chopped
  • Olive oil – just enough to coat the inside of a pan
  • Salt & Pepper – Sea salt and coarse cracked pepper to taste
Step one – Boil water and blanch tomatoes until skins begin to peel. Put a pot/sauce pan on medium heat with olive oil.
Step two – Dunk in cold water, the skins should peel off easily.
Step three – Grab a deep bowl and deseed the tomatoes. Save the seeds and whatnot to thin your soup later if you need to.
Strep four – Throw tomato flesh and garlic into your oiled pot/sauce pan. Let that hang out for a few minutes WITH A LID. (Garlic should begin to sizzle)
Step five – Add basil, salt and about a half cup of water for every three tomatoes.
Step six – Turn heat to a medium low and wait. This soup is better the longer you simmer it, one hour minimum
The rest of this recipe really depends on preference. I like a thicker soup with more texture. However I know lots of people who add the mixture of seeds and juice to thin the soup while it simmers, then cool it and put it through a blender. If you elect to do this, make sure you cool the soup before blending it. Blending hot soup can end badly. (Things I learned the hard way.)
Either serve warm in bowls, or in my case throw it in the fridge and dole it out into tupperware right before work.
When serving, swirl a touch of cream on the top, (It offsets the acidity of the tomato.) and add a sprig of basil.
So there it is. Very tasty. 🙂

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