Unprocessed: The difference between raw and unprocessed

On October 1 I set out my rules for October Unprocessed. The primary rule being that I won’t be eating anything I couldn’t make in my own kitchen.

Having done this for 3.5 ish days now, it seems like I may need to clarify “unprocessed” for myself and for others.

I know two people who truly eat only unprocessed foods all year round. They don’t define unprocessed the way many of us taking the challenge do. One is a local pilates instructor I did a story on last year. The other is a friend from high school who now lives in northern Oregon. (Go figure.)

They’re raw foodists, and everything they eat hasn’t been processed, in their kitchen of anyone else’s. Their foods haven’t been cooked above a certain temperature, they don’t eat meat, cheese or eggs. Their dairy is unpasturized. They don’t eat bread, or pasta or anything made with traditional flour.

They’re hard core. I am not.

This is NOT what I and many others taking the October Unprocessed challenge are doing.

While “spaghetti” made from zucchini with smashed tomatoes and basil is really good, the kind of commitment it takes to eat only things that are truly unprocessed is a serious lifestyle change.

I’m eating cheese, as long as it’s made with only the enzymes required for the making of cheese. (No Velveeta here)

I’m eating bread, made by the cheerful hippies at the farmers market. (They grind their own flour. It’s intense.)

I’m drinking coffee, whole bean, fair trade, organic etc. (Because I don’t want to go to prison for murder)

I’m not eating, say, SPAM or things that contain “natural flavors.”

After some commentary from a few coworkers I’m questioning wether or not I can eat shredded wheat. It contains only whole grain wheat and honey. While I could make this in my kitchen, it would take a lot of work. (Realistically more work than I would undertake)

Anyone have foods they’re eating that are questionable?


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