Unprocessed: Days 1 & 2

Coming to the end of day two of October Unprocessed, the difficulties of this month’s diet are becoming obvious.

First, a few words on my lifestyle and fitting unprocessed foods into it:

I’m a 23-year old print and web journalist, recently graduated from college. My meal planning will concentrate less on preparing dinners for a significant other and kids (don’t have either of those) and more on finding ways to stick to a non-processed diet that I can eat one-handed, at my desk. (or in my car)

Now, back to the post.

Day one menu

  • Breakfast: Brewed coffee with honey and milk

Note: Some people aren’t drinking coffee as part of the challenge. I am not one of those people. I could technically roast my own coffee beans. Hoping to get some coffee next week that was transported to the U.S. raw and roasted locally. I know a guy. 🙂 

  • Lunch: Nope.
  • Dinner: steak with herbed roasted potatoes

First obvious problem being that day one didn’t contain enough calories to sustain life long term. (Downer)

Day two menu

  • Breakfast: Scrambled eggs made with chives and cream with a latte. (Thank God for the espresso machine at home)
  • Lunch: Nope again. Clearly I need to work on this.
  • Dinner: Roasted chicken breast with homemade mac’n’cheese
Note in defense and in criticism of pasta: With the parameters of this challenge being not eating anything you couldn’t make in your own home, I’m going on record and saying that I have made my own pasta on more than one occasion. I’m also saying that unless you get really good at it, it is entirely more trouble than it’s worth. 
Tomorrow is my day off from work and I’ll be back with a post on meal planning and grocery shopping for the non-processed, yet very busy eater.

3 thoughts on “Unprocessed: Days 1 & 2

    • Hey Liz, I plan on doing exactly that! I’ve got some almonds and some toasted oats to munch on. What really surprised me was how hard it was to find nuts that hadn’t been processed with artificial preservatives. It’s crazy.

      • It is – especially as I’m not sure nuts need preservatives anyway – they keep a pretty long time, that’s why squirrels stash them away!

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